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What Am I Doing Now ??



I most recently traveled to New Jersey where I visited my friend and teacher Rev Lorraine Merrit and learned a wonderful new healing method called LaHo Chi. I could sit here and type what I copy from someone else or reword it LOL .. but here is a very nicely done page that has a lot of good information about it

LaHoChi - Hands on healing,theraputic touch and energy healing therapies

I would like to share my experience with the energy. I have been a practioner of the hands on healing arts for many years, having learned Reiki and also AnRa Healing from the Heart. I love both energies and have been told by other practioners I have worked on that they see golden energy and they can feel that its not just the Reiki they have felt.

When I first had a LaHo Chi session I could feel immediately this loving warm feeling that was very comforting to me. I felt that there is some very loving support that comes through the healer into the client. I felt clear and also perceived much stale old energy of myself and others leaving my body. I felt happier and lighter

What Is Different About LaHo Chi

LaHo Chi is very simple. Every healing method has its place, I really like the LaHo Chi because it is easier on the practioner. Unlike Reiki, there are less hand positions, I also sit down to do the healing. I place a pillow between myself and the client so that my arms and upper body are completely relaxed and I am not straining my back and arms.

The minute I started working with the energy to heal others I could feel that it seemed to me to be of a beautiful and soothing vibration. I love the simplicity of it. Because there less hand positions, a healing table is not necessary. You work from the clients head and right side so you could perform the healing at the foot of a bed where you can sit behind their head and alongside the right side of their body. I Love this aspect, some people are not comfortable with healing tables. I also can do it if someone is sitting in a recliner chair that goes back. As long as I can access the back of the clients head and their right side and can sit comfortably on a stool or something low enough that my back is not straining to reach them, it works for me.

Lorraine is also a healer and does wonderful Spiritual readings, she has so many gifts, she loves to drum - is great at ceramics and is just an honest, loving human being, who does tell it like it is.

I have back problems and a bad right hip, I cannot lay on a healing table. I must lay on my left side or I am in pain, With LaHo Chi, I can lay someone on their side and get close enough to the simpler hand postitions with them on their side. It is a healing method that to me after having learned and been exposed to many, Just makes perfect sense. I love it and I feel it will probably become my principal method of healing. The energy is so loving and gentle yet effective.

I also have been sending a lot of distance healing since learning the method and have very good feedback. People are able to feel it and feel good from it.

Maybe the best part I have learned is that to become a practioner you need not learn any symbols ! When I was learning Reiki I was frustrated because I do not have the best memory to remember things and I agonized over memorizing them so I could attune others who wanted to learn the healing method. With LaHo Chi there are no symbols and no attunements, there is a beautiful ceremony and a good teacher is key to your learning. This was simply MY experience it does not speak for anyone else but me.

I must be honest here and again this is my Experience and My Opinion Only -  I love Reiki, but through the years I have seen it watered down and switched around and added to and subtracted from. I have watched people charge exorbitant amounts for attunements and I have watched people give it away for free. I have seen some wonderful teachers who really explained about all the aspects of it and I have also witnessed other teachers who were very brief in their explanation and attuned people to Mastership in a weekend. Reiki is a wonderful energy I love it, I know it is now 'part of who I am'. Yet, if you ask me what I would like to teach now I would have to say the LaHo Chi, because of its simplicity - it is so much more duplicatable and because of that more people can learn it. Children can learn it, Folks who do not have good mobility can learn it. The self healing positions are so easy to perform and remember.

LaHo Chi also includes herbs and gemstone healing and also accupuncture healing at the etheric level. You can sense these things going into or coming into your energy field ! I was working on the woman I was doing my first LaHo Chi on during class and she actually felt the sensation of burning or little needles around her left eye that had been giving her pain. That was the accupuncture. While I was at the heart center of another person I could perceive triangle shapes going in. While my teacher was at my head - she sensed a Diamond and an Emerald entering into my crown center. It is amazing !

Since I have had the training I feel as if my entire energy field has been elevated to a higher position, I vibrate more, I am thinking much more clearly, I am eating less junk food, I am much more aware of all that is around me. I have become a more clear channel, decision making is so much simpler for me now, it seems that this was exactly what I needed at this time in my life !

If You Would Like to Learn More About LaHo Chi Healing Sessions ...please feel free to send me an e-mail


Now a little bit about my wonderful teacher Lorraine. I have to thank her because she was one of a handful of people who stuck by me when I was going through the toughest of my trials and transitions. Lorraine never once lost patience with me and she always got back to me if I needed her, even sending distance LaHo Chi when I needed it. Lorraine was also my Ministry teacher and I feel I learned from the best. I knew when I first met her that she would help me facilitate great change through learning from the Course in Miracles .. of which she is a Miracles Practioner ( something I am now going to be working towards )  Lorraine helped me to see the Miracle that occurs in each every day. Miracles don't need to be huge as I have learned, they can simply be the smile that you receive from a stranger you meet at the store, Or the smile you give to someone You do not know. Since becoming a Minister my life has been enriched beyond measure. I feel that it is one of the most significant events in my life. I am forever changed. I walk a totally different path now.

Those are Lorraines' beautiful hands you see below. I took pictures of the healing positions so that she could put together a very nice manual and she did a great job. I put her hands in here to remind everyone of the power and healing we ALL hold in our hands and how we should never be afraid to learn how to allow that energy to flow and help others heal with it.

This is especially important to impress amongst the youngsters we are responsible for raising.  They need to understand that they can heal themselves and each other. It is only within out 'modern' society we have gotten away from embracing all the healing methods that are available. We don't need to be fancy to heal, we need to keep it simple, and what is more simple than the laying on of hands when someone is in need :) So thanks again to Lorraine for all her kindness and guidance and love  and for teaching me such a beautiful way of healing myself and others :)